Grow Your Brand Online With Banner Ads.

Build your brand by letting us feature your company on some of the most popular websites in the country! We will design, build and manage an inexpensive and effective marketing campaign for your company by featuring your custom-made ads on millions of Google-Partnered websites. Your campaign will be tailored to meet your goals by only being shown to people in your service area who expressed interest in your services, making every time you are seen a potential sale! Show your company off to thousands of people per month and boost your brand in some of the highest trafficking websites on the internet!

Feature Your Business on Websites Like:

Users who have recently shown interest in your services on Google will see your advertisement
while visiting these websites - along with thousands of other high-traffic websites across the internet.

What Are Banner Ads?

Have you ever been on a website and seen advertisements displayed at the top or the side of the website promoting offers or services for other companies? These are display ads by Google, or ‘Banner Ads’. With Upscale Life Magazine, we have the ability to put your business on millions of the busiest websites on the internet.
Often, you will notice that many of these banner ads are relative to something that you have searched the internet for in the past. This is called ‘retargeting’ – which means that if someone searches Google for any of your services, your banner ad is likely to show up for them, making your ad much more valuable. For example – if you are a roofer, and somebody searches Google for ‘Roof Repair’, your company will show up on millions of websites when they are visiting popular websites such as Fox, CNN, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and millions more.
Our professional Graphic Designers will work with you to make your custom advertisement exactly how you want it and your banner can be live within days.
Once your ad is running, only users within your service area will be targeted for your banner ad, making every viewer a potential customer.

Ready to get started?

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